Royal Concourse in Cebu - Philippines

One of the popular dining establishments in Cebu City that people should visit if they want to get the best value for their money is Royal Concourse. This food service provider offers various tasty dishes since it specializes in different delicacies including Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and international treats. Additionally, to accommodate and serve foreigners who want to taste delectable and savory local dishes, the place offers numerous Filipino favorites. Customers are guaranteed to experience true satisfaction because for not more than 200 pesos, they can try buffet style of dining at this relaxing, inviting, and famous Cebu restaurant. For the convenience of everyone, this restaurant accepts payments made through credit cards.

One of the tastiest and most popular dishes available at Royal Concourse is sushi. This Japanese delicacy uses sushi rice, nori, seaweed, and tofu as main ingredients. Aside from this, customers can also try sashimi, which contains a delectable raw fish. When it comes to Filipino favorites, guests can order fried chicken, breaded porkchop, and kinilaw. In addition, the dining establishment also serves soups like Sinigang Baboy and Nilagang Baka. For those who like Chinese dishes, this Cebu restaurant serves lumpiang shanghai and siomai. Customers who will try buffet dining have nothing to worry about drinks because they can choose various fruit juices at this place.

Royal Concourse promotes fine dining style. People will not be disappointed when they eat at this place because it has a classy, relaxing, and stylish dining area. The establishment has function rooms that can accommodate 100 individuals. To ensure guests of efficient services, the management of this Cebu restaurant hires hardworking and reliable employees. In addition, the staff is friendly and approachable so customers can easily talk to them if they need anything.

This restaurant has a clean and small comfort room that guests can use. For those who want to hold special gatherings, Royal Concourse offers catering services. This inviting dining facility is open Sunday to Saturday from 10 in the morning until eight in the evening.

Situated along Gorordo Avenue in Cebu City, Royal Concourse is close to hospitality service providers including Saint Moritz Hotel, West Gorordo Hotel, as well as Mango Park Hotel. Inquiries about the services offered at this Cebu restaurant can be made by reaching any of the establishments staff at (032)-232-2549 and (032)-231-0147. They can also send faxes at this number, (032)-232-2548. With the delicious treats, efficient services, and well-maintained facilities, local tourists and foreigners visiting the city will have a nice and remarkable dining time at this establishment.