Mr. A Bar and Restaurant in Cebu - Philippines

Mr. A Bar and Restaurant is a nice and interesting dining facility in Cebu City. This establishment is located on a hilltop so customers can have relaxing overview of the entire city. Aside from the inviting location, the place is also popular to local travelers and foreigners because it excels in preparing and serving all-time Filipino favorites. The dining facility also offers tasty exotic dishes and local treats. To order a satisfying and enticing meal at this place, people should allot 300 pesos to 400 pesos as a budget.

One of the most delicious and tasty exotic treats available at this Cebu restaurant is the fried one day old chick. Customers who want to try some of the delectable starters at Mr. A Bar and Restaurant can order Sotanghon Guisado, calamares, and Lumpiang Shanghai. For main dishes, this dining facility serves the pleasant tasting Beef Pochero, as well as the famous Sizzling Sisig with Egg and Cheese. Some of the beverages available at this place are soft drinks, fruit juices, and fruit shakes. Even if the prices of dishes at this establishment are more expensive than in other restaurants in the city, guests are guaranteed to get the best value for their money.

Mr. A Bar and Restaurant has an alfresco dining place, as well as an indoor dining area. The establishment has a cozy and romantic ambiance. The place is very neat and the dining sets are simple. To allow customers to view beautiful sceneries, this Cebu restaurant has a spacious porch. To enhance the lighting in the place, the food service provider uses Tivoli lights in the dining areas. For relaxation and entertainment, this dining facility features a videoke machine, which customers can use to sing their favorite songs. Moreover, this restaurant has a small comfort room.

The staff at this Cebu restaurant is accommodating, friendly, and reliable. To make sure that customers will not have complaints about the services, the management of the place employs hardworking and efficient waiters who provide the orders of guests on time. In addition, for customers safety, all the dining utensils at the establishment are clean and sterilized.

Situated at Nevil Hills within Sitio Maasmum in Busay Lahug, Mr. A Bar and Restaurant is close to several hospitality service providers like Waterfront Hotel, Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, and Crowne Garden Hotel. This Cebu restaurant accepts reservations and catering services. Inquiries, reservations, and suggestions can be made by contacting the management or any of the staff of the dining facility at (032)-232-5200.