Cebu Hria Korean Restaurant - Philippines

Although not yet as popular as other Asian cuisines in this part of the world, there are now some who have developed a taste for Korean food. If you love these cuisines, or just curious, you can head over to the Cebu Hria Korean Restaurant and try out their various meals.

Cuisine and Price Range

Korean meals are just as varied as their Chinese and Japanese counterparts, and this restaurant makes sure that you get to sample a lot of them. Their main specialty though, is bulgogi. These usually consist of barbecue sliced into strips and come with gochu jang, a spicy concoction consisting of red pepper and other herbs that make for a zesty sauce.

What makes their bulgogi truly exceptional is that it is not just the sauce that is mixed with unique ingredients, but the beef used at the Cebu Hria Korean Restaurant is also spruced up with several types of herbs and spices that give it a special taste. The cooking process also ensures that the meat is very tender.

Other traditional and well known Korean dishes like dolsot bibimbap, chap chae and sam gyul sap are also available. There are also different types of soups and noodles that you can order, all served by prompt and courteous waiters. The place is open every day, from Monday to Sunday starting at ten in the morning up to 9:30 in the evening. The accepted form of payment is by cash. The average cost of the meal here is Php 300. Some however, may cost up to Php 400 or more.


The Cebu Hria Korean Restaurant is at the EGI building at Looc Maribago Lapu-lapu City in Cebu. There are a couple of known hotels in the area, namely the Days Inn Hotel and the Sotto Grande Hotel and Resort. The Microtel Inn and Suites is also there.

Contact Information

For information about bookings or if you are interested in making a reservation for yourself, the telephone number that you should call is +63(32) 234-2604.

Although there are not a lot of specialized restaurants serving Korean food in the Queen City of the South, they do have a following of their own, and the popularity of such places as the Cebu Hria Korean Restaurant, not just among Korean nationals and students, but increasingly also among locals and other tourists, show that awareness of the high quality of these delicacies is on the rise.